5 Ways Becoming a Mother Can Inspire a Surge of Creativity

One of the bigger surprise souvenirs of babydom for me has been an incredible surge of creativity. Prior to mothering Bee, I’d heard tales of the opposite — the sacrifice and the commitment and the exhaustion. I certainly wasn’t painted a negative portrait; I was just offered one where there was a healthy dose of realism and expectation management. But now that I’m eight months into my own journey (and quite enjoying the view!), I’m noticing that motherhood truly does lend itself to a most beautiful burst of imagination and creativity and spark. (Hint: We just have to look for it.) Just in case you’re stuck (or are wearing the blindfold of sleep deprivation and teething), here are five ways I’ve spotted the resurgence in my own life:


1. Sleep deprivation.
Some of my wildest and more imaginative ideas have come from 3 a.m. feedings and early morning wake-up calls. And yes, sometimes the sleepy fog lifts and you realize that your idea is frenzied and hair-brained and will likely never work, but at least you’ve dreamed, yes? Creativity starts there.

2. Perspective.
Watching the world through the eyes of your baby gives light to so many new and beautiful images – unseen worlds and moments that you’re re-discovering in tandem with your child. It’s a breeding ground for creativity, full of enlightenment and hope and oyster pearls.

3. Pace.
Nothing forces a fast-paced gal to slow down quite like birthing a baby. I’ve often noticed that creativity stems from the opposite of productivity – from silence and stillness and peace. When our bodies are at rest, it seems, our head becomes a playground, swinging and sliding with inspiration galore.

4. Boundaries.
Sometimes, boundaries are necessary for creativity to bloom. A wild, untamed rose bush needs pruned every now and then, yes? The very nature of baby naps and quiet times allow for intermittent periods of progress, but then force us away from our work and craft at various points when the baby wakes. This break in creation is a gift, allowing the mind to decompress and return to its work in a new state entirely – with a fresh (albeit sleepy!) pair of eyes.

5. Love.
At the very heart of creativity is love and passion and the longing to nurture it, and funnily enough, these are all qualities that mothers feel for their children. By harnessing those feelings, we can channel our energy into creating something that we truly believe in and are proud of. Work that is directly inspired by the babies we hold dear.

Tell me, friends – have you noticed a resurgence in your creativity since becoming a mother? I’d love to hear your stories!

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