5 Vacations to Take with Your Kids Before They Leave Home

My husband and I both grew up in families that did a fair amount of traveling (even when budgets were pretty small), and it’s something we are really looking forward to doing with our children as they grow older.


We were discussing future vacations the other day and came up wFamily on Dumboith five different kinds of vacations we hope to do before our children leave home:

1. Camping. Both of our families did a lot of camping, and I really want to make that part of our regular family life. It doesn’t have to be very expensive, and I think, as a kid, there is almost nothing better than sleeping in a tent, making s’mores, and having powdered orange juice for breakfast. Yes, it’s dirty and a lot of effort, but some of my best memories from my childhood are of our family camping trips, particularly a 10-day one we did in Colorado when I was about eight.

2. A Lake Trip. Bart’s family was a huge Lake Powell-going family, sometimes camping on the beach, sometimes renting a houseboat with other family members. I’d never been on this kind of vacation until after we were married, and I am anxious for our kids to have the kind of wonderful memories that Bart has from his childhood of being out waterskiing all day and playing games all night long.

3. A Long(ish) Road Trip. When my family moved from Wisconsin to Las Vegas when I was 6, we drove the whole way, stretching it over many days and stopping at some Little House on the Prairie sites, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone along the way. Even twenty years later, I still remember this trip.

4. A Trip Abroad. The most we did in my family was a trip to Victoria when I was a pre-teen, but Bart’s family went to Europe several times (his dad is a professor and was directing study abroad programs), and those months spent abroad have continued to be influential on my husband.

5. Disneyland. My family didn’t go until I was 10, which I thought was a fantastic age — we were all old enough to really enjoy it and be able to do some long days. After that, we went every couple of years. We went with Ella (and all of Bart’s family last year) but I can’t wait until she is really old enough to appreciate it. You just can’t deny that there is something so magical about Disneyland. My mom said the first time we walked through those gates as a family, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

What trips are you looking forward to (or have you already taken) with your children?

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