5 Unexpected Things I Am Thankful for As a Parent

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I’ve been seeing a ton of posts from friends about thankfulness. Of course, I am thankful for all of the usual things…my family, good food, clean water, and a roof over my head. But, there are a lot of little things that I am thankful for that are a bit more unexpected – things that I might not always feel thankful for, but when I stop to think about it, I realize how wonderful these little things really are.

So, here is my thankfulness list, made from the unexpected reasons I am thankful as a parent.

  • 1. Her stubborn streak

    1. Her stubborn streak

    My girl is fiercely independent and determined. She wants to do things her way and will dig her heels in about it. Sometimes this can be incredibly frustrating, but then I remind myself that this just might be the sign of a strong, brave, and self-assured woman one day, and that is something that I definitely would love for her to be.

  • 2. Clingy days

    2. Clingy days

    Recently Fern has been going through a clingy phase where she wants nothing else in the world but to be held by me. I hear the phrase “Hode you Mama!” at least 20 times a day. The other day I found myself annoyed by it, when my husband reminded me that one day she won’t want me to hold or hug or snuggle her, and it made me thankful for these clingy moments now.

  • 3. Sleepless nights

    3. Sleepless nights

    We don’t have many of these anymore, but I am thankful for those sleepless nights in some ways. They meant I was awake snuggling with my girl for a few precious fleeting moments of her childhood. Those are moments I will cherish always.

  • 4. Kid routines

    4. Kid routines

    Sometimes kid routines can be a bit of a downer because they break up your day and prevent you from sometimes doing the fun (or often necessary) things in your day. But mostly I am thankful for these routines, because they force me to slow down and carve out time for resting at home.

  • 5. Her endless energy

    5. Her endless energy

    Fern is a “busy” girl to say the least. She almost never stops moving. Sometimes at the end of the day she tires me out, but I am thankful for her energy, because it reminds me to get up and have fun so we can make memories together.

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