5 Truths About the Second Year of Parenthood

For us, this second year of parenting has been so much different from the first. Looking back, I came up with a few things I think are true about this stage…


1. You will hit your groove. The first year is all about adjustments. Everything changes daily when babies are so new. But by the second year, things start to fall into more of a schedule. And you’ll start to feel like you’ve got a handle on the whole parenting thing. At least a little bit. ;)

2. You will catch yourself just staring at your kid, and not feel weird. It’s amazing to watch your child grow and develop. In their second year, they make so many huge advancements, like becoming mobile and communicating. At certain points, you may find yourself just staring at them as they play with a goofy smile on your face, and you won’t even feel weird about it! Because they are that AMAZING.

3. You will get to relive your childhood. Toddlers are so fun because everything is exciting (at least for 3 minutes) and they will want you to play too! Coloring, stacking blocks, pretending to be ponies, making forts to hide under… you’ll find yourself getting to act like a kid again!

4. Food will be EVERYWHERE. You’ll find it all over. In the car, in the sofa cushions, in their hair… in your hair. Just laugh it off and keep going. No use crying over spilled oatmeal. ;)

5. You will understand what everyone’s been gushing about. This little kid, with their bubbling personality and their hilarious antics, will have stolen your heart in ways you never thought possible!

Image of our family by the talented Jeff Newsom

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