5 Toys You Can Make Yourself

I have to admit that I’m a bit picky about toys. Mostly because we don’t have a huge house, and the small amount Beck has already seems to take up way too much space. But now he’s getting to the age where he actually sits and plays, so I’ve decided to weed out some of the ones he’s getting bored with and add some new ones to his selection. These five toys would all make the cut  — and, bonus — they’re all ones I can make myself!

  • Happy Face Decals

    Happy Face Decals

    Beck has become obsessed with animals and their noises lately, so he would love these happy face decals that can be printed and applied to any item.

    Click here to buy the printable from Danielle Thompson

  • Ride-on Toy

    Ride-on Toy

    While looking for a minimal, ride-on toy for Beck I never thought of making one myself. This one is awesome.

    Click here for the tutorial on Made by Joel

  • Cardboard Camera

    Cardboard Camera

    I’m not sure how Beck knows how to pretend use a camera since I take most photos of him with my phone, but he has a wooden toy camera he always holds up to his eye and clicks on the button. This would be a good replacement that I wouldn’t worry about getting ruined.

    Click here for the tutorial on Pink Stripey Socks

  • Leather Drum

    Leather Drum

    This toy drum would be a quieter option over a tin or wooden one. You could make an entire band.

    Click here for the tutorial on Say Yes to Hoboken

  • Zoo Olliblocks

    Zoo Olliblocks

    This is another printable that can be applied to blocks for a mix and match set of funny zoo animals. Cute!

    Click here to purchase from Caravan Shoppe

Have you ever made a toy?

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