5 Tips for Getting Your Home Clean Before Baby is Born


Besides actually having a sweet new baby added to the family, my hands-down favorite part of pregnancy is the nesting! At no other time during my life am I so driven to make positive and beautiful changes to our home. Sure, I’ll take part in a DIY project here and there, Nesting and Spring Cleaningbut there’s nothing like nesting to get me purging and cleaning around the house.

In the past few months of my pregnancy, I’ve checked more projects off my to-do list than I have in the past two years! Replace our old stained couch, check. Rid the garage once and for all of excess clutter, check. Create the giant ruler growth chart I’ve dreamed about for seven years… the stain is drying as we speak!

Now imagine the power of combining nesting and spring cleaning! Now is the time to take advantage of these two opportune times to get your nest ready for the arrival of your highly anticipated little birdie.

Check out the following tips I’ve implemented myself that have helped me get my home clean and in order.

1. Let it go!

Having a baby brings in a lot of stuff! Clothes, toys, and baby gear can quickly fill a space. If you are short on space now, it’s time to let go of some items that are taking up prime real estate in your house. Move that old stack of magazines to the recycling bin and replace with a sweet little basketof baby books. Hanging on to some clothes from high school in the spare room’s closet? Donate to a local thrift shop to make space for Baby’s new wardrobe. If you haven’t used it in over a year, it’s time to let it go and make room for Baby! I got rid of trunk loads of items! I feel much lighter, even with the extra 25 pounds of pregnancy belly and baby I’m carrying around.

2. Get help.

Let’s face it, when we’re pregnant, we need help!  Basic household chores can feel like an Olympic event with the strain on our backs and waddle in our step. Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family to help around the house. And heavy lifting is an absolute no-no! I decided to hire help to get me on track for the rest of my pregnancy and carry me through my postpartum recovery. I hired a professional organizer to be my voice of reason — ‘if you haven’t made any hoop art after hoarding embroidery hoops for 5 years, it’s time to donate.” I also had a deep housecleaning done. Stretching and bending to reach high up corners and down low baseboards wasn’t going to happen this far into my pregnancy. But it needed to be done! I took on folding my laundry while the house was shined top to bottom. Maintenance has been simple enough for me to keep up with and I can kick up my feet each night instead of stress about the cobwebs on the ceilings.

3. Pick a project.

Certainly we all have a project or two we’ve been dying to do — thanks a lot, Pinterest. Whether it’s a craft or a home project, every time you think about it, your heart beats with anticipation. Now’s the time to go for it! Decide on one or two small projects that will give you huge satisfaction. Assemble the supplies and get busy. Working on it will help you relax and you’ll find great joy in finally seeing your dream project materialize before you. For me, I finally pulled out home decor items I had been saving and put them to use all over the house. A new shower curtain, unrolled a beloved rug, and brought out beautiful new throw pillows. Of course the old shower curtain, rug, and pillows were all donated (see tip #1). I even had a nesting boost big enough to prepare our backyard for gardening.

4. Make it beautiful.

When we moved into this rental home a little over a year ago, I felt like everything was just unpacked in it’s place and left where it was. Once I returned from our extended stay overseas in November, my nesting drive had officially kicked in. Z’s room that was filled with hand me down furniture and never quite decorated received a gorgeous makeover for her and the new baby to enjoy. A neglected downstairs bathroom now showcases gorgeous tiles from our trip to Spain with fresh new towels that add a pop of color. Even my daughters’ room was spruced up with new bedding, a fun rug (moved from another room), and a beautiful leather pouf brought home from Morocco. My point? Just beautify your home with small and simple decor changes. Nothing drastic was done, but my home now better reflects my style and looks lovely everywhere I look.

5. Make it last.

Once Baby is born, it’s important to keep up the previous tips. Once Baby outgrows clothes, toys, or gear, pass it on to another mom that may benefit from them or donate them. Holding on will just become clutter. Once a month, get help to bring the house back in order and clean. Keep your creative side engaged by allowing yourself to complete one or two projects each month. Don’t take on any more than that as not to overwhelm yourself. And of course be sure to keep your surroundings beautiful. That can mean getting rid of the old ugly desk you’ve been holding on to or bringing in a fresh bouquet of flowers for the dining room table.

Let the fresh spring air and nesting drive you into creating a clean and beautiful space to bring home Baby.

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