5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Entertained

So tell me if you’ve ever had the following situation happen to you:

You wake up in the morning, fix yourself breakfast (one-handed while holding the baby of course), tidy up a bit, then look at the clock, realize it’s only 7 in the morning and you still have like 10 more hours before your significant other gets home.

So you look at the baby and think, what the heck are we going to do all day?

baby-occupied (1)

Yeah, I’ve definitely been there. And while babies are cute and all, it can be kind of difficult to entertain them all day. But after having four of those little adorable drool monsters in my house, here are a few tips to keeping your little one entertained on those long and dreary days.

1. Get a swing with a mobile. All of my babies have loved our baby swing with its swinging Winnie-the-Pooh furry friends floating above it. We have almost the same picture of all four of our babies as the one above, with our baby eyeing those little bears up suspiciously. It cracks me up but also gives me time to get dinner going. Success!

2. Do some tummy time. Tummy time is great for babies of all ages–just be sure to keep it supervised and be prepared to build up the time your baby will tolerate it. An interesting blanket can also help keep their attention.

3. Set up stations. I often joke about moving the baby to her “next station” because that’s what it feels like. From high chair to bouncy chair to tummy time to Boppy pillow and beyond, it can just help to keep things rotating with fresh scenery.

4. Use the fan. Want to know the cheapest trick to keeping a baby entertained? Ceiling fans! Babies love them. Lay your little own on the floor, flip on the fan on the lowest setting, and watch the wide eyes grow.

5. Let them explore. Don’t be afraid to not feel like you have to be your baby’s 24/7 entertainment director. Once in a while, I like to just put my baby in her playpen or somewhere else safe where she can explore the world around her on her own. Sometimes, they discover new things when mom or dad isn’t around–a lesson good for life!

What’s your best tip for keeping baby entertained? 

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