5 Tips for Traveling Alone with Your Baby

We just returned from a two week vacation to visit our family. My husband had to stay in NYC to work, so that left me with three kids to travel with. While I normally have no problem flying on my own, I think it was physically impossible for me to do it all on my own with three kids. Thankfully I had my mother in law help with the kids on the flight there and my sister to help on the way back.

Although I didn’t travel by myself with the kids on this trip, I’ve done it plenty of times and keep these tips in mind whenever I do.

1.  Take Your Time

There is nothing worse than being rushed in the airport, especially when you are by yourself with a baby. Make sure you arrive to the airport extra early so that you can take your time before your plane leaves. Keep in mind that the airport security line takes a while to get through when you have a baby because you have to take them out of their carrier or stroller to go through all while taking of your shoes and putting your bags through.

2.  Don’t Overpack


This is hard to do because babies require a lot of stuff, but remember not to pack too much stuff. You want to keep your hands free for the baby and anything else that you need to do in the airport, so try to only pack the necessities and to pack them in a bag that can either be carried on your back or across your body.

3.  Wear Your Baby

To keep your hands free make sure that you put your baby in a carrier so that you can wear them. I use a wrap with Macks right now because he is so young, but I will then switch over to a regular baby carrier once he can support himself better. It is a tremendous help when you don’t have to carry your baby with your arms and have free hands to get things done.

4.  Ask For Help 

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people in the airport that are willing to help you. Especially if they see you traveling alone. Sometimes I have asked for a gate pass for my husband to help take me and the kids to the gate, but know that not all airports will give them access. If you need help going through security, ask TSA or someone in line to help you push your things on the belt. It’s always helpful having extra hands.

5.  Relax

This is the most important thing to remember when traveling alone. I was incredibly nervous traveling alone with my baby, even more so when I had more than one child. But know that you can do it and you will get through it. If you relax then your little one will too!

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