5 Tips for Pursuing Your Dreams While Being a Great Mom

How many moms do you know who put their dreams on hold once they start having children? I know a few. It’s not always something they intend on doing, but it happens. Children are absolutely wonderful, but I think we can all agree that caring for them is a lot of work. It’s perfectly understandable that some moms might find themselves putting their dreams on hold, insisting that they will get back to things at a later time. The problem is, that time often never comes.

Even if your dream is to have children, I know there might be something else stirring inside of you. Maybe you want to publish a book. Maybe you have been thinking about starting your own blog or selling a product. Whatever it is, you think about it daily, wondering if you can realistically make it happen while you are raising your kids, especially when your kids are still babies. I think you can.

I’m not claiming that it will be easy. It’s won’t be. But just because something is hard, it doesn’t mean you can’t be wonderfully happy while doing it. Sure, there may be some sleepless nights. And yes, you will have to do what many moms dread: Ask for help. But in time, you will realize that pursuing your personal dreams fulfills you on a level that makes your better at everything in your life, including motherhood.


As a mom currently pursuing her dreams, I hope I can offer a few tips that will help you begin to pursue your dreams, too.

  1. Create your team of supporters. I don’t think we set out to be supermoms, but it happens, and we end up doing way too much with very little help. What I’ve realized is that way more people are willing to help than you’d think, if you would just ask. If you want to raise your kids and pursue your passions, you will need a team of supporters.
  2. Determine what your real dreams are. Sometimes we think something is a dream when it’s really a seed that someone else planted in our minds. Before you spend your precious time pursuing anything, make sure it’s what you really want to do with your life.
  3. Carve out time for yourself. If you are never alone, you won’t get much done. Carve out time daily where you can focus on what you are trying to accomplish. By setting aside time for it, you have made it a priority.
  4. Get organized. If your home is a mess (which is pretty common if your have little ones), it can be hard to think and get things done. Try to enlist some help and get your home organized. Also, definitely organize the space that you will be working from.
  5. Seek out other moms in the same boat. I have found that one of the best sources of support and encouragement are moms who are in the same boat. Try to find other moms who are entrepreneurs or pursuing some other personal goal, and form relationships with them. There is nothing like the support you get from people who truly understand the challenges that come with managing your family while pursuing a dream.
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