5 Tips for Moving with a Baby

Our family is enduring major changes this week. After living in Manhattan for four years, we have finally decided to take the leap and trade in the city lifestyle for more space in the suburbs.

While Macks will never remember his life in the city, I hope that it will always remain a place that is dear to him as it was the city that he was born in.

We are very excited for our new life in the suburbs, but as anyone who has ever moved before knows, it is completely exhausting and stressful. Add on three small kids to that and it doubles both the exhaustion and stress. The last time we moved was when my oldest daughter, Harlan, was nine months old, but for some reason I don’t ever remember it being this stressful. To ease the exhaustion and stress, I’ve found that these simple things work:

1. Ask for help.  If there is anything that I’ve learned about moving with a baby is that you can’t do it alone. Baby’s require a lot of attention. So much so that it’s hard to get anything else done. If you want to get packed or unpacked in an efficient manner, have a family
member, friend, or even a babysitter to help you.


2. Stay organized. Try to get as organized and prepared as possible weeks before your move. Get in little things while the baby is sleeping so that way you aren’t rushing at the last minute to get everything done. Your baby can feel your stress and might even get a little worked up if you are as well.

3. Pack your baby’s essentials in a suitcase to have on hand. I packed all of Macks diapers, clothes, and favorite toys for the days that the movers were packing up our things and taking it to our new house. I made sure to put extras in the suitcase so that I wasn’t going to have to dig through boxes just to get him pajamas.

4. Use your time wisely. Try to get as much as you can done while your baby is sleeping. If you are a night owl, use that time to get things packed and organized. That way when your baby is awake you have more time to devote to him.

5. Relax. I know that is easier said than done, but your baby feeds off of you and how you are feeling. If you are stressed out over everything, your baby will feel the stress.

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