5 Ways to Handle the Back-to-School Season with Baby

It’s hard to believe that back-to-school season is upon us, and for me, this fall has one extra layer of crazy thrown into it with the addition of a days-old newborn. 

Maybe we didn’t think that one through fully, huh?

My daughters go to a small school that doesn’t have bus services or drop-off/pick-up, so parents walk their young children into class. And because my girls are only in preschool and first grade, I will be there pretty much all day, every day. We’re talking thrice-a-day pick-ups or drop-offs.

To say I was a little nervous would be an understatement. After months of dreading it, I’ve reached a state of happy denial–I’m refusing to worry about it and instead, taking a positive approach and prepping myself for some ways that I can make it all work.

My plan for going back to school with baby in tow:

  1. Bring in a babysitter. Know what would make all those school pick-ups and drop-offs so much easier? Bringing in someone to stay at home with the littles while I ran to school. Even if it’s money down the drain, it’s such a temporary stage in life that my sanity might be worth it, right?
  2. Invest in a good wrap. Sure, it’s nice to cart a baby in the car seat, but a good quality wrap is going to be my lifesaver this fall. Making lunches, doing hair, hauling backpacks–it will all be so much easier if baby is tucked safely (and happily) next to me.
  3. Start a snack station. I saw this idea on Pinterest and although I totally pinned it as one of those great ideas I would never actually do, this week, I resolved to start my own. Packing healthy lunches is important to me and if I keep a variety of snacks on hand, the kids can even help me pack their lunches. Staples around here include string cheese, grapes ready to go, yogurt, and snack crackers.
  4. Buddy up. Although it may feel like it, I know I’m not the only mother out there with a lot of little kids to care for. It helps to “buddy up” and find another mother that may be willing to share pick-up or sit by my car while I run in to the school.
  5. Remember that this shall too pass. Honestly, as crazy as I think my life will be for the next year or so, it really is a fleeting, temporary time in my life. I think the key is recognizing that and trying to see the fun in the situation. At least my girls will be the stars of the school with a brand-new baby in tow!

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