5 Tips for a Simple but Awesome Birthday Party

Ingrid’s second birthday is coming up, so I’ve got party planning on the mind. I have to admit, I love planning birthday parties. I love coming up with a theme and finding or making invitations, decor, and food to match. When she turned 1, we threw her a Birthday Bunny Brunch. It was adorable and so much fun to put together. This year, we are planning a book themed birthday party. (I’ll be sure to share it here, next month!) When it comes to party planning, I know it can be overwhelming. However, I truly believe that you can plan a simple but totally adorable party with these 5 tips…

  1. Have the party at home. The cost to rent a place for a party can be pretty expensive. By having the party at your own house, you can save a lot! Not to mention, the set-up and take down is loads easier!
  2. Make the decorations yourself. With blogs and Pinterest, the DIY-decor is a no-brainer. Even those that don’t consider themselves to be crafty can put together a stunning display on the cheap! (With a few simple items, we created the prettiest brunch table!) 
  3. Make the food yourself. Again, this is a no-brainer. From appetizers and cute sandwiches to cupcakes and birthday cake, you can totally do it yourself. The options are endless! (For my daughter’s birthday last October, we served sack lunches!)
  4. Set a limit on gifts. There seems to be pressure to spoil our children rotten, especially on their birthdays. But I think it’s okay to set a limit (either a price or a number) and stick to it. We typically give 3 main gifts – something to wear, something to read, and something to play with. When friends and family are giving gifts, too, our little rule of 3 is just fine. And it makes us search for just the perfect things. Babies especially get so overwhelmed with a huge number of gifts.
  5. Keep it simple. There’s no reason to invite a huge crowd or hire a DJ for your baby’s birthday party. The simpler it is, the more meaningful it will be, too. I promise you that! (We managed to put together this DIY movie screen for less than $15!)
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