5 Things I Do with My Little Ones Every Day

In my three years of being a mom, each day has looked a little different from the one before. Some days, I am Supermom, with loads of patience and a brain full of creative ideas. Other days, I fail. I lose my patience. I don’t give my daughters all that they deserve. I mess up.

But in my three years, I have come to realize that’s okay. It’s okay to have good and bad days, excellent days, and days when I fall short.


At the same time, I’ve realized that I tend to do five things with my girls every day, no matter what kind of day it has been. These are the things they will carry with them as they grow — the things that will stick out and matter to them. These five things are what make me the kind of mother I am.

  1. Tell them I love them, no matter what. Even when I lose my cool, my girls know that I love them no matter what. No temper tantrum or mess on the wall will change how I love them. This is so important for them to know.
  2. Read to them. Reading is so important. And reading to your children from an early age can make a huge difference in the long run. From building vocabulary and literacy skills, to encouraging creativity and a love of learning, reading is fundamental in how they will grow up and live their lives.
  3. Sing to them. Singing might not be your greatest talent, but that’s okay. Making up silly songs while you’re in the car or cooking dinner is such a fun way to interact with your baby. Singing is a way to show your baby that you are silly, playful, imaginative, and creative — all things we want our children to be, too!
  4. Play with them. At the end of a long day, it can be easy to turn the TV on and give your little one something to play with. Make sure you are playing with your babies too! Get down on the floor with them. Make a masterpiece with them. Come up with a fun game to play while they are taking a bath.
  5. Kiss them. Physical touch is oh-so-important, too. Kisses and hugs are the medicine our babies need to heal their little hearts and to give them the confidence they need to know that they are safe and loved.
If I do these five things every day, I am a good mom. No matter what kind of day it has been, these five things make everything worthwhile.
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