5 Things to Look Forward to When Elvie is Done With Her Brace

One of the hardest things about this surgery for Elvie has been that she lost so much of her mobility. She had just gotten really good at walking the week before she had to go in for the procedure, and she could amble through the house at her leisure, not having to stop as much to get her balance or get back up if she fell. Now she is in a brace that prevents any kind of movement, and much of the time she is stuck on her back, propped up on pillows. When the day gets a little long and she gets a little uncomfortable, it helps to remember both the things she’ll get back and the new things she’ll do when she is finally free of her brace. This surgery repaired her body in a way that will allow her to do so much more than she could do before, and it will be amazing to watch her progress and conquer new skills. Here are five things that I daydream about Elvie doing, that turn my frustrated frown into a smile.

  • Elvie won't be wearing her brace forever.

    Elvie won't be wearing her brace forever.

    There are brighter days ahead, and I know that she will be doing all these things and more before we know it.

  • Crawl!


    She already tries to do it when she gets some tummy time out of the big brace, with smaller leg braces and hip support on. Once she is out of the brace altogether, she will zoom around the house, the playground, and anywhere else we’ll let her out of the stroller.

  • Walk!


    She did it before, and we know she can do it again. It will take some time to regain her muscle strength, but with her level of determination, I’m pretty sure she’ll be back at it within a week of being cleared to have the brace off.

  • Run!


    This is where it starts to get really exciting! Elvie has never been able to run before – she just couldn’t balance well enough to go very fast. She will be keeping up with all the big kids, laughing and grinning while she chases them down.

  • Climb!


    Elvie has already tried to climb the rope structures at the park; now she will be successful. I think I’m going to get quite the workout keeping her down safe!

  • Dance!


    Elvie is a born dancer, and she can still move around enough while in her brace that it’s pretty close to dancing. Before the surgery, she could dance in one spot, but now she’ll be able to move around, to spin and sway and twirl. I cannot wait to see her dance to some good tunes and to imitate her big sister in ballet class. I’m sure that it will just be a matter of time before I’m buying a second pair of ballet shoes and bringing my littlest ballerina to dance class. I can’t wait.

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