5 Things on My Dream Baby Registry


I am so thankful that baby registries exist, because without one (along with the generosity of friends and their hand-me-downs!) we wouldn’t have had many of the important baby gear items we needed for our daughter when she arrived. Swaddle blankets, bottles, binkies, and even diapers wer5 Things On My Dream Baby Registry e all given to us, and it was wonderful!

With our second child, I didn’t register, because we already had most of the things we needed, but if I were creating a dream registry wish list, there are a few unconventional things I would include…

1) A babymoon

Hey! This is a dream registry, right? We actually did have a babymoon before our second child arrived, and it was wonderful! I highly recommend it. It was a great way to connect and recharge before the whirlwind of a newborn entered our lives. It wouldn’t even have to be anything fancy – a weekend staycation could be just as much fun as a tropical excursion!

2) A meal service

We had so many wonderful friends and family members who brought us meals in the weeks following our baby’s arrival, and it was so fantastic and made life infinitely easier. If we didn’t have anyone around to help us out though, the give of a meal service subscription for a period of time would’ve been so helpful!

3) A postpartum doula

I had a pretty smooth postpartum this time around, but with my daughter, I would’ve loved to have had a postpartum doula around to help me navigate those early days of new motherhood. I was pretty clueless about babies as a new mama, and having an expert there to help out could have provided great relief.

4) A postpartum wardrobe

Postpartum is such a strange time for getting dressed. Maternity clothes can often be too big, but the pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit yet either. So what’s a mama to do? Going shopping with a newborn for clothes that fit isn’t always the most fun experience… and if I had magically woken up to a closet with a new postpartum wardrobe in it? Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t have been upset about it.

5) A college fund for Baby

“Inexpensive” definitely isn’t a word I would use to describe a college education – especially by the time my children are of age to attend. The beginnings of a college fund for my little ones would be on my dream baby registry for sure!


What would be on your dream baby registry wish list?

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