5 Things Not to Say to an Overdue Pregnant Woman

My baby is over a year old now, but I still remember vividly how deeply frustrating those last seven days of pregnancy were.

I suspected I might be late since my first baby was eight days later, but I was surprised that even a second time passing that 40 week mark with no signs of progress just about sent me over the edge.

In those last days of pregnancy, I didn’t even want to leave the house, because I was so tired of the interactions I had every time I went out in public.

In case you encounter an overdue woman, here are five things you should avoid saying:

Things to Never Say to an Overdue Woman
  1. You still haven’t had that baby yet? She knows. I promise.
  2. Have you tried _______? Chances are, she’s heard them all. And probably tried most of them too.
  3. I did ________ and had the baby that night! I think most women already feel a little bit depressed by not having a baby to hold by Week 40 (it made me feel like I was doing pregnancy wrong!), so a story about how you (or your best friend or sister-in-law) “put themselves into labor” is probably just discouraging. Especially if she’s already tried it without results.
  4. Have you thought about induction? Being induced is between a woman and her doctor and can be a sensitive topic, so I’d avoid even bringing it up.
  5. There’s no way we’ll see you tomorrow/next week! In those last few days of being overdue, I really wanted to go to things to take my mind off being still pregnant, but if people had predicted that I absolutely wouldn’t be able to come, thanks to a new baby, it made me feel like I didn’t even want to show up.

The RIGHT thing to do for an overdue woman, I discovered, is to ditch a pint of premium ice cream at her doorstep with a nice note.

I still don’t know which of my sweet friends did that for me, but it was definitely the bright spot in that endless last week of pregnancy.

And, of course, the good news is that eventually, even a week or two late, you’ll get that baby in your arms. And all the many weeks (even the extra ones!) will have been worth it.

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