5 Things My Little Girl Has Taught Me in the New Year

Kids have this amazing way of experiencing life. I watch my daughter and I am amazed by her way of being. It’s like she’s mastered how to navigate this thing called life in just 15 short months. How did she do that?

As I sit here, just a few weeks into the new year, I realize how much this little girl has taught me recently. Watching her carefully has given me fresh perspective on what it means to walk through life living in the moment. How can someone so tiny inspire me so much?

Young children see the world through these beautiful lenses because the life they’ve experienced has offered nothing but exciting, new adventures. They can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner because they know whatever it is will be absolutely fascinating. They know it will offer a new experience that will enhance their life in some incredible way.

With about eleven months left in the year, I can only imagine what lessons lie ahead. Here are five amazing things I’ve learned from Jada so far. I’d love to hear what you’ve been learning since your little rays of sunshine entered your lives (or since you found out you’re expecting).


There is always tomorrow. When Jada has a bad day because of a tummy ache or a cold, she doesn’t go to bed upset. She still gives me that big, beautiful smile because she knows that soon she will wake up and start all over. She’s taught me that once the day is done, just let it go.

It’s okay to cry whenever you feel like it. When we grow up, we learn to suppress our feelings, but doing so can take a toll on us. Babies and children just let it out. It makes them feel better instantly, and they are able to move on from whatever triggered the tears. I’ve realized that if we all did this, we’d be better off.

Getting messy is liberating. I spend a lot of time making sure I look decent before I leave the house. If I had a good night of sleep, I even try to look good. And I have to admit that how I look impacts my day. But when I am with my daughter, I realize that if let go and enjoy a bit of mess, life is a lot more fun and the sense of freedom is remarkable.

Don’t hold on to the crappy stuff. Jada doesn’t hold grudges and there’s never any resentment. When something happens that isn’t that great, she soon forgets about it and she moves on. After all, she has new things to discover. She’s made me realize it’s about time I did the same.

When you hear music, just dance. Sometimes I dance with my kids all around the house. It makes them so happy. But I don’t bust out dancing everywhere I go. My little girl does, though. She could be in the car, at the store, or in the middle of eating dinner, if her ear catches a good beat, her body starts to move. I love it. I’m planning to bust out dancing a little bit more.

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