5 Things I’m Oddly Better at After Becoming a Mom

While a lot of things seem crazy and a little out of control after becoming a parent and welcoming a new little one into our family, there are a small handful of things I’ve found I’ve become oddly better at…

1. Laundry – Pre-baby, we were always behind on laundry. It would pile up and we would have to spend a good day playing catch-up. Washing, folding, putting away. Now that Soren is here and quickly goes through mess clothes, PJs and onesie I’ve been an all-star at keeping up with the laundry. I’m actually learning to enjoy it too! I’ve recently been using more natural products that will help my husband’s and Soren’s sensitive skin.


2. Carrying Stuff – I’m amazed at how much I can carry at one time. Car seat, check. Baby in car-seat, check. Diaper bag, check. Drink, check. Grocery bag, check. Keys, check! Loving my super-mommy-strength!

3. Drinking Water – After having Soren I became SO thirsty. Especially while nursing. I used to struggle with getting enough water in my system each day and now I breeze through my daily required ounces each day!

4. Focusing My Time – Before Soren, I felt like I spent a lot of time wasting time! I had lots of time on my hands each week to work on work, get things done around the house and looking back I feel like I spent a lot of time doing things that didn’t matter. While it certainly isn’t bad to spent an hour on Pinterest every once in awhile, it can certainly add up if you’re not careful! When Soren sleeps during the day, I work! I’ve found myself a lot more focused and accomplishing tasks because I know I only have a small amount of time and I need to make that time count!

5. Being Present – Finally, and one of my favorites…I feel like I’ve been able to unplug more and focus on my family. I love spending time with Jon and Soren and I want so much to remember and take note of these beautiful moments in our lives. I don’t want them to pass me by so quickly! Being present and content, soaking in every giggle is so important to me and I’m loving every moment of it. :)

What are some things you’re oddly better at after becoming a mom?

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