5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Father

Becoming a parent is an emotional roller coaster taking you through happiness, incredible joy, fear and thoughts of inadequacy. When our eldest daughter was born, my husband was literally afraid to hold her. Even though she was a healthy 8 lbs at birth, she was still so tiny and delicate. He told me that he didn’t feel comfortable holding her as he worried that she might break – like a china doll ;). A couple of days later he started holding her and before long he wasn’t able to put her down.

After my husband read my post on “5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Mom“, he started listing the things that he in turn wished he had known before becoming a dad. He made some pretty good points, so I thought it would be fun to share his list with you all as I think all 5 of these tips will resonate with all dads as well as moms.


1. You Will Love Your Children Unconditionally and They Will Love You Back Fiercely

Although I knew that I would love my kids, I wasn’t aware of how deeply and how fiercely that love would be. And then these little people love you back so fully and unconditionally. It is something that even if I would have known I couldn’t fathom until actually becoming a father.

2. “Busy” Takes On a Whole New Meaning

You think you are busy now? Busy ain’t nothing like you are about to experience. The days are gone in a flash. Weeks go by like it’s nobody’s business. It’s hard to imagine now but before you know it your baby is talking, walking and going to school. Thank goodness for iPhones as I don’t think we would have captured as many of the memories that we have had it not been for blessed technology.

3. Life Will Never Be The Same – and That’s a Good Thing

Your life as you know it will forever change – for the better. I can’t even imagine what life was like before I had my children. The laughter, the crankiness, the love, the sibling arguments, the running around, the messes, the groceries that disappear the minute you purchase them, everything changes. Life becomes a cup that is never empty or half full – it overflows continuously.

4. “Quick Runs” To The Grocery Store Will No Longer Exist

Remember the days when you used to hop in your car and run to the grocery store or the convenience store for a ‘quick’ snack pick-up? Those days are looong gone. ‘Quick’ runs now take hours and getting out of the house will take triple the time it used to. Be prepared!

5. Moms Are Superheroes But Dads Are Capable Of Being ‘Super’ Too

Moms are amazing – truly amazing. They are remarkable creatures that can do the impossible on a daily basis. But you know what? Dads are capable of being pretty cool too. Don’t feel inadequate or challenged by the tasks ahead because you will surprise yourself. Together as a team you and your partner can move mountains.

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