5 Things I Now Do Since Becoming a Parent

Being a new parent has taught me many things, but one thing it’s revealed to me is the amount of things I’m now willing to do that I never would have before. Our little Soren is truly changing us in so many ways. ;)

1. Getting a Smile – My husband and I will literally do ANYTHING to get Soren to smile and giggle. We’ve danced, made crazy sounds, make hilarious faces, talk to him in all sorts of accents, make up songs. Anything. We absolutely love when he smiles and gives us a little giggle. It’s worth every insane gesture and sound. :)


2. Sticky & Damp – Between the diapers, spit-up and constant drool, we constantly have a layer of baby-goo all over us. Before Soren I probably would have changed my clothes, extra-washed my hands and been a little grossed out. NOW, it’s all part of our day-to-day wear. I’m no longer afraid of touching and being stained with baby-goo. It’s a huge part of our life after-all.

3. Baby Stuff – I am now obsessed with all things baby. Baby gear, clothing, products, books, apps, blogs, magazines. I love collecting information and learning about baby stuff. What’s the best baby lotion? How about carrier? I’m right in there researching and loving every minute.

4. Shopping – Speaking of baby stuff. Instead of buying myself the latest trendy pair of shoes, I’m suddenly all about outfitting Soren and finding cute baby clothes for him to wear. I love going through his dresser, giving away clothing that doesn’t fit anymore, re-folding and figuring out what we need to buy. LOVE those cute little clothes!

5. PJs ARE Fashion – My husband and I found ourselves in our grocery store, practically in our PJs picking up some snacks and diapers the other day. You do what you gotta do!

What kind of things do you find yourself doing since becoming a parent?

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