5 Things I Miss About the Newborn Stage

I never truly appreciated the newborn stage until I had Macks. When you’re a new mom, you learn as you go. Everything is new. But with Macks being my third child, I knew what was coming next (or at least I’d like to think that I did.)

I love each stage that my children go through, but there is something so magical and precious about those newborn days. It’s only been five months since Macks was born, but it feels like so long ago that we was my tiny baby. It’s hard for me to admit this, but I miss it so much. There is so much to love when your little one is so fresh and new, but here’s what I miss most about when Macks was a newborn. 

1. Cuddles: Macks still cuddles with me, but now that he’s interested in rolling over and trying to grab everything in sight, he’s much less interested in it than before. I miss the days when I could set him down on my chest and he would just fall asleep without a care in the world. I’d sit with him for hours while he slept on me. It was one of the most comforting feelings in the world to have him so secure and content in my arms.


2. Tiny Clothes: Macks grew out of his newborn clothes very quickly, which came as a huge surprise to me. My girls were so small that I was able to use their clothes for much longer. I still have his newborn clothes hanging in his closet (because emotionally I can’t take them down yet) and it’s so hard to believe he really was that small for a short time.

3. Sleep: Although newborns have no sense of time or day and night, they do like to sleep. I loved laying in bed with Macks in my arms and he would just sleep and sleep and sleep. It also made running errands easier because he would sleep through most of it. Macks is finally starting to get into a routine and his sleep is becoming much more predictable, which is great, but I do miss the days when he was my little sleepy boy.

4. The Faces: Newborn babies make the cutest little faces and they don’t even know their doing it. The smiles that they make while they are sleeping and the way that their mouth opens in a little O shape as they pucker their lips. I love the way that they scrunch their eyes when they yawn. I tried to capture as many faces as Macks made when he was a newborn so I could remember them forever.

5. The Smell: There is something magical about the way that a fresh, new baby smells. I absolutely love it. Macks still has a little bit of that baby smell, but it’s not as strong as when he was just born. I can’t describe the way that newborns smell other than saying it’s the sweetest smell ever.

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