5 Things I Love About Bay At 16 Months

As each month passes by having a toddler gets a little crazier and a lot more fun! This age is so fun. Baylor is learning so much and developing the greatest personality. I am so excited to see what milestone each new month will have in store.


1. His resourcefulness. His mind is working in ways that it hasn’t before. He is learning how to problem solve. Watching him explore in that way is so amazing.

2. His love for following instruction. Just this month he has started to follow instruction really well. He is so proud of himself when I ask him to do something and then he gets praised for it.

3. His love for people. He has been able to recognize people for a while but now not only does he recognize them but he identifies with the relationship he has with them. Seeing him run up to his favorite people and hug them around the neck is too sweet for words.

4. His ideas for a fun time. Now that he is older he has begun to plan our activities for the day. He knows what he wants to do and when he wants to do it. And I am always happy to let him explore his independence.

5. His pure excitement. He is recognizing the exciting things. He knows when we take him to do something special and he gets excited about it. It makes me excited to keep him guessing and surprising him.


Parents of toddlers, what did you love about this age with your little one?

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