5 Super Speedy Ways to Kick Up Your Outfit

You probably know that feeling where you have to leave the house with your baby and you’re covered in spit-up, plus the circles under your eyes are in danger of causing a solar eclipse.

Been there!

And while I’m no fashion guru, I do like to leave the house looking presentable.

Here are my five favorite tricks for looking (more) put together in ten seconds or less:

  • #1: A great pair of shoes

    #1: A great pair of shoes

    A plain pair of jeans and a t shirt look great with fun shoes. I like ones with a low heel or wedge that are easy to walk in by make me look a little taller (I’m pretty short).

  • #2: A Big Necklace

    #2: A Big Necklace

    A necklace makes you look more put together and directs attention away from spit-up on your shoulder or a wrinkly shirt. I love this one because it’s basically indestructible – anything dainty is sure to get destroyed quickly by grabby baby hands!

  • #3: Lipstick

    #3: Lipstick

    I love lipstick because it calls attention away from my tired eyes and makes me look like I put more effort into getting ready than I actually did (bonus, easy to put on in the car!)

  • #4: A Hat

    #4: A Hat

    Hats are super trendy right now, plus they are a great way to cover up unwashed (or unbrushed!) hair.

  • #5: Add a Belt

    #5: Add a Belt

    I’ve just recently discovered belts (I’m really cutting edge here. . . ), and they just add a quick bit of polish to an outfit. Tuck in the front of your shirt and voila!

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