5 Major Signs That My Toddler is Becoming a Girly Girl

One thing I love about the toddler stage is that so much of my little girl’s personality is starting to emerge. While we knew before what her temperament was like and got glimpses of what she might like, now she is really expressing herself and making it clear that she prefers some things and is not interested in others.

Because she has been such a force of nature, I never guessed that there was a girly girl hiding beneath the baby Godzilla exterior. But sure enough, she’s been letting us know that as far as traditional gender stereotypes go, she is all girl.

Here are five signs that tell me that my toddler is embracing all things typically “girl.”

  • Five Signs That My Toddler is a Girly Girl

    Five Signs That My Toddler is a Girly Girl

    Ruffles? Lace? All things sweet and dainty? Elvie says, “Yes, please!”

  • She adores accessories.

    She adores accessories.

    If Elvie finds a necklace, she wants to put it on. Sparkly belt that technically belongs to her sister? She wants that, too. Tutu? Of course. At this point I’m fairly certain that her first full sentence will be a request to get her ears pierced.

  • She insists on having her hair styled.

    She insists on having her hair styled.

    In the morning, she will sit by the bathroom door and point toward the basket of hair styling products and then point at her head, sometimes even before she is dressed. She wants her hair done, and she will sit still while I spritz, fluff, work out any knots that have formed overnight, and put in a little puff, a barrette, or a fancy headband. If I forget the hair accessory, she will let me know that I am not done.

  • She loves handbags.

    She loves handbags.

    She is constantly taking one of my bags or her big sister’s, putting a few things in, and putting it over her shoulder. While any bag will do in a pinch, she definitely prefers the fancier ones.

  • She mothers her

    She mothers her "babies."

    So what if she doesn’t always realize they’re upside down? She snuggles, kisses, and tries to dress whatever doll or animal she can find, adding accessories if she can, of course.

  • Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

    Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

    I keep the shoes in the next couple of sizes up in a drawer in her changing table. She will regularly pull them out and try to get Zinashi or me to help her try on each and every pair. She likes them all, but she prefers the ones that sparkle.

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