5 Reasons Why Toddlerhood is My Favorite

In theory, “toddlerhood” may seem like it is a lot rougher than the infant stage. But my husband and I are experiencing the complete opposite — we are LOVING it. Here are my top 5 reasons why toddlerhood is my favorite…

baby riding in toy car cartMy Top 5 Reasons Why I’m Loving Toddlerhood:

5. Chats: Our son has learned enough words to communicate his basic needs with us and he loves to mimic grown ups by having “conversations” where he babbles baby talk and then slips in a few real words. It’s hilarious. And it feels amazing to be able to communicate with him finally!


4. Affection: Babies are snuggly and adorable, there is no doubt. But there is something magical about a toddler looking at you, smiling, and then coming over and giving you a hug or kiss all on their own.

3. Four Magic Words:  Eight hours of sleep: Our son sleeps like a normal person now, which means that we get to sleep like normal people now. It’s the best. I never realized how much I loved sleep till I didn’t have much of it.

2. Active Playtime: Now that our son can walk and even run, it feels like a world of activities has opened up to us. We can go places we couldn’t before. We can play actively like we couldn’t before. We love trying new experiences with him to see what he naturally likes.

And the number 1 reason…

1. Personality: Our son has truly developed his own sense of self, his own sense of humor, his own likes and dislikes. We know that he had opinions before, it’s just that we couldn’t get to know him this way till now. And it’s amazing. He makes us laugh a hundred times a day at least!

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