Top 5 Reasons Why My Husband Loves Toddlerhood

My husband LOVES toddlerhood. I mean he loves it. Every since our son started toddling around the two of them have been all giggles and games.

So I thought I’d ask him why this time is his favorite. This is what he said…
toddler on dad's shoulders with hat

5. We can play together more. He runs and jumps and hides and can play catch. It’s fun!

4. Hearing him say new words every day. It’s always a surprise what he’ll pick up next. (Today was “rain.”)

3. How he can spot me in a group of people, recognize me, and come running over with a huge smile on his face.

2. Because I get to sleep through the night now pretty consistently!

1. Watching his passions develop. So far he’s into cars and playing my drum set.

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