5 Reasons Why Dads Deserve More Credit

For whatever reason, dads sometimes have this stereotype of being not so great and second to moms. Sure, history shows that dads used to be less involved in their kiddos’ lives, but I think times are changing. This day and age, parents are sharing the load. Moms AND dads are taking care of and raising children. Moms AND dads are cooking and cleaning. Moms AND dads are working and providing for their families. Moms AND dads are reading and singing to their children. Moms AND dads are parenting, together. Here are 5 reasons why I think dads deserve more credit…

  1. They are the best rough-housers. Seriously. Some of the most fun my girls have is wrestling their daddy.
  2. They let you do things that Mom wouldn’t. Running around barefoot? An extra cookie? Catching frogs? Laughing about bodily functions? Only Daddy okays these kind of things!
  3. They share the load. It’s no longer 1950. Dads are grocery shopping and making dinner. Dads know how to do laundry and give baths.
  4. They are the best ticklers. Again, why are dads so much fun?
  5. We couldn’t do it without them. Let’s be real. I couldn’t survive this parenting gig without my spouse. I’m guessing you are in the same boat.
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