5 Reasons Why Avocados Are Pretty Much the Best Baby Food Ever

There are very few things that Judah won’t eat. We’ve even moved on from feeding him traditional “baby food” – the kind that comes in jars and pouches – and now he’s pretty much eats what we eat at the table, with some slight modifications. Of all the things he loves to eat? Avocados. And we love feeding him avocado! There’s so many reasons to love this super fruit (that’s right, fruit!) but here are my top five reasons by I think avocados are pretty much the best baby food ever.


5. Avocados are yummy!

Actually, if we’re going to get really technical, avocados are considered a single seed berry. Regardless, sometimes introducing your baby or toddler to green things can be a challenge. Thankfully, avocado has such a mild, creamy flavor and texture that makes it a highly approachable first fresh food for baby.

4. Avocados are incredibly nutrient dense!

Probably the first thing most people associate with avocado is its high fat content. Not only are they high in fat, avocados are high in good monounsaturated fats. In addition to a high good fat content, avocados are rich in potassium (35% more than bananas), folic acid and Vitamin K and almost 17 other vitamins and minerals! Avocados really are a super food for babies to help them grow and stay strong.

3. Avocados are a great first baby food!

Thanks to their mild flavor and creamy texture, avocados are one of the best first fresh foods to introduce to baby after things like rice cereal. Even without teeth, the texture is easy to gum. Judah loves avocados now as a finger food: he likes it when I scoop out chunks and put them on his high chair tray so he can pick them up and squish them between his fingers. And, because of the mild flavor, avocado mixes really well with other soft foods. Judah didn’t like bananas for a long time, but when I mashed them up with some avocado, he couldn’t resist!

2. Avocados are portable, self-contained and widely available!

The easiest way to serve avocados? Cut them in half around the stone (pit) inside, twist and pull apart; then all you need is a spoon to scoop out the soft creamy flesh. The reason I love them so much is there’s very little to clean up afterwards: just a skin and stone. If we’re ever out with Judah and need to pack him a quick lunch, we just toss an avocado, a spoon and a plastic knife into the diaper bag. And if we’ve forgotten lunch, we know we can stop at pretty much any grocery store and get him an avocado for a quick meal while we’re out.

1. Babies love avocados!

I’ve talked to a lot of moms and I’ve met very few whose babies didn’t like avocado. And really, what’s not to love: super creamy, super yummy, and full of nutrients! We’ve found too, that when Judah doesn’t want to eat any solid foods while he’s teething, he loves a nice cold avocado that’s been chilled in the fridge. The texture is easy on his aching gums and the cool creamy texture provides a little relief. Avocados are basically awesome for babies.

What do you think? Have you tried introducing avocado to your little one? What are some of your favorite avocado baby food recipes? Share your love for the almighty avocado in the comments!

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