5 Reasons to Love Spring with a Baby

Spring has sprung around our house and I’m loving it. I’m having visions of sun-kissed cheeks and hair, melting popsicles on the front porch, and water balloon fights with the neighbors.


Here are five things around our house that are getting me in the spirit.

#1: Bare feet running around on the grass.
Gone are the mismatched socks. My baby girl is all about “shoe off!” And I’m right there with her.

#2: The smell of sunscreen.
We’re spending more time outside as it warms up. As the sun is heating up, we’re lathering up. And I love breathing it all in.

#3: Huggies Little Swimmers in my shopping cart.
I have a baby fish on my hands, and I can’t wait to see her swim again this year. I was so excited, I bought these in anticipation…and I haven’t even bought a swimsuit yet.

#4: Bike rides that turn into parades.
Around our neighborhood, when you head out on a bike or by foot, you’re sure to attract a crowd. It’s so much fun to have a party at a moment’s notice.

#5: Dinner on the patio.
When the weather is nice enough, we just sit in the backyard to enjoy our food and great company.

What about you? How are you ringing in spring?

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