5 Reasons Little L Loves Her Tía (Aunt) Denise

Family is so magical for children — they are so full of love and are ready to give kisses, hugs, cuddles at any time (well, unless they are in their ‘special’ mood.)

I am lucky to have my family leave close by, and it’s even more beautiful to see my siblings in their roles as tío (uncle) and tía (aunt). They are both younger than me, and to be honest, it took a little bit of time for them to grow into their roles. I personally have not yet had the privilege to be a tía so I don’t know what it’s like to care and love my siblings children (yet!) So I am overcome with emotion when I see just how much they love my children.



Now that Little L is getting older and recognizes people other than us, she jumps around when she see her tía Denise come through the door. She instantly raises her arms so that she can pick her up and is all giggles and smiles for her.

Here are 5 reasons I know Little L loves her tía Denise:

1. She’s young and gets lots and lots of sleep, so she has lots and lots of energy to run around!

2. She makes up the silliest songs and does the funniest dances that make her laugh every time.

3. She knows how to sing the same bedtime lullaby that I sing to her which puts her at ease.

4. She always buys her the trendiest and most stylish clothing — check out their matching peach jeans!

5. Every time she comes over, she tells her that she loves her over and over, and I know that Little L knows it.


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