5 Reasons I’m Glad He’s Walking in Summertime

Baby Paul started walking about a month or so ago, right around his 15-month birthdate. And over the course of the past couple months, I’ve found myself cheering him on to get off those knees and become a walker, for reasons I’ve never considered in the past — primarily dictated by the weather and time of year.

I’ve never had a crawler during the early summertime months, and while you wouldn’t think it was much different than raising a crawler through the dead of winter, summertime crawling really has come with some obstacles.

But baby Paul’s on his two little feet now, and I couldn’t be more pumped. Here’s why.

  • Happy knees!

    Happy knees!

    Now that Paul’s walking, his sad and sorry knees are collectively breathing a sigh of relief. Because while I always tried to keep him in the grass, he somehow always wanted to crawl on the harsh sidewalk.

    Exposed knees + rough sidewalks = sad baby.

  • He stays cleaner longer.

    He stays cleaner longer.

    Now that it’s summertime, we’re trying to dress for the humidity and heat, which means choosing lighter colored clothing options. Before baby Paul was walking, I would have said a big fat absolute NO to wearing a neutral outfit like the one, even though it’s stinkin’ adorable.

    But now that he’s on his feet walking? His clothes are staying cleaner longer, so bring on the beige!

  • Holes! So many holes!

    Holes! So many holes!

    Because he crawled for so long, we got to the point in his wardrobe where baby Paul had very few pairs of pants left that didn’t have holes in the knees. And because I’m the frugal momma I am, I refused to buy more pants (before he was ready to move up a size) just because of a few holes.

    Now that it’s summer, he can wear shorts without scraping up his knees.

  • Splinters be gone.

    Splinters be gone.

    We have a wood deck off the back of our house, and it’s where we spend the bulk of our lazy afternoons. And while I’m a pro at getting wood splinters out of tiny feet, I’m less talented pulling slivers out of tiny hands.

    Now that Paul walks? He’s splinter-free in the hands and knees department.

  • His excitement is contagious!

    His excitement is contagious!

    And the number one reason I’m glad baby Paul is finally walking, is that he’s obviously so proud of himself. He giggles and sequels constantly, now that he can finally run and play with his older siblings. Anyone up for a game of tag? Baby Paul sure is!

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