5 Reasons I LOVE Being an Aunt

I already knew that I loved babies — especially babies from my genetic pool — but man, you guys. I had no idea how much I’d love being an aunt. Of course it doesn’t exactly compare to the primal love of a mother and child, but there’s a very special and unique bond between an aunt and her nephew.


1. I get to experience all of the best parts of babyhood, namely the way they feel when they fall asleep on your chest — with those soft, deep breaths that can calm the most high-strung nerves. And the smiles and the laughs and the hugs and the OH MY GOODNESS YOU’RE SO CUTE I CAN’T STOP KISSING YOUs.

2. And then I get to hand him back, namely for the feedings and the poops and cries.

3. I get to do a two-baby test run without the commitment. Benjamin has shown me what an incredibly nurturing and helpful Big Brother my son will be, and it’s been awesome practice for the living-with-two-kids lifestyle.

4. It gets my son excited about becoming a Big Brother, one day.

5. I can give all of my love — the let-me-spoil-you-and-shower-you-with-kisses LOVE — without the stress of “parenting” looming on the horizon. There’s no “should we sleep train,” “should we use a pacifier,” “should we co-sleep” issues. It’s just love.

Why do YOU love being an aunt/uncle?

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