5 Reasons Why Your Baby is Not Too Young for Disney World

Yesterday, my youngest son, Macks, experienced the magic for the very first time. We are in Florida for the week and staying with my parents. They live about 45 minutes away from Walt Disney World, so I knew it was the perfect chance to take our family to the Magic Kingdom for the day.

Growing up so close to Disney World, I know how magical the experience is. When I had kids, it just doubled that magic, because you are actually able to see it through a child’s eyes again. Our first trip to Disney World with a baby was when my oldest was just six weeks old. Although she wasn’t able to remember it, it was still magical for us because Disney World caters to everyone, including families with very young children.

We’ve gone several times since that trip and as we’ve had more kids. Each time, my knowledge of how to navigate the parks with little ones gets better and better. Yesterday was probably one of our very best trips because we perfectly navigated the Magic Kingdom with all three kids and all five of us had the best day ever!

If you’re putting off going to Disney World because you have a baby, don’t! Disney World with a little one is just as fun, if not more! Here’s why your little one is never too young to bring to Disney World!

  1. The Parks Allow You to Come Prepared: Disney World will allow you to bring nearly anything that you need for you and your baby while you are visiting a park. Bring plenty of snacks, water, bottles, a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, and sunscreen. I brought a couple of water bottles so that I could keep his Mickey Mouse NUK Sippy Cup refilled for him to stay hydrated. I also brought washcloths, like these Disney Princess washcloths, for our trip because it was so hot outside that I wanted to make sure Macks stayed cool. I simply went to either a water fountain or bathroom to soak it with cold water and then placed it on his head and arms to help cool him off. It was the perfect way for him to keep cool, and he loved keeping it with him as we strolled around.

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  3. Disney World IS Baby Friendly: Disney World is very encouraging of bringing your little one to their parks. When we first brought our oldest daughter to a park, she was only six weeks old. There were several times throughout the day that I had to nurse her and change her diaper. Each park has a full service Baby Care facility for moms and dads to use while they are in the park. I was in shock when I saw how nice and accommodating the parks are to parents with young children. These centers have private nursing rooms, feeding area with high chairs, kitchen with a microwave, oven, and a sink, a main room with a television and sofa, and even a place where you can purchase, diapers, wipes, formula, and other baby essentials. This is a great spot to sit and relax from a busy day while keeping your baby comfortable. Because we were there all day long, I knew Macks was going to need to nap in his stroller. I made sure the one we brought was comfortable and fully reclinable, like this Mickey Mouse Simple Fold Travel System, so I could lean him back when he fell asleep. I took Macks in here to take a nap in his stroller so he could stay cool and we could both relax. Make sure that you check the park map prior to your arrival so that you know where to go, or ask a Disney team member when you arrive at the park.
  4. Babies of All Ages Can Have Fun: When we went to Magic Kingdom with all three kids, I was amazed that most of the rides has no height requirement, meaning that all five of us could ride together! At only 14 months, Macks had so much fun riding with us and was entertained by some of his favorite Disney characters. Disney has made huge improvements to their Fast Pass program and now has Fast Pass+ which allows you to pick three rides and the times you want to go on them. Once you’ve used your three, you can then get one Fast Pass+ for other rides. There are kiosks all over the park that allow you to make your selections. We went through the Magic Kingdom yesterday without waiting more than 10 minutes for a ride. This process made it easy for us and the kids who can easily lose patience when waiting in long lines.
  5. Babies Don’t Limit Mom and Dad from Having Fun: One of the first things that concerned me when going with all five of us was that my husband and I wouldn’t be able to make the most of our experience because we have two very little ones. Disney has already got us covered with their Rider Switch program. It allows the adults and older children to ride a ride, while the other adult stays with the younger children. Once they get done, the adult that was waiting can then go on the ride without having to wait in the line again. Tell a Disney Cast Member at the ride that would you like a Rider Switch pass, and they will give it to you. So smart and so simple!
  6. Disney World is Magical at ANY Age: I mentioned that we brought my youngest to Disney World when she was six weeks old. Many might think that is too young, but because Disney World is so accommodating to parents with young children, I was able to have a great time while also making her comfortable. With the programs like Rider Switch and Fast Pass+, it allows everyone in your party to have fun. Children under two get into the parks for free, so they are having all of the fun without the cost!

A lot of people hesitate to take a Disney World trip because they think that their child is too young. But my family is proof that you can have several little ones, and it doesn’t matter what the age for everyone to have a magical experience.

Some of the information in this post may have changed after this writing. Please visit DisneylandWalt Disney World, or Disney Parks Moms Panel online to confirm current policies.

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