5 Qualities That Make My Princess So Enchanting

I’m a mother to three little princesses. That practically makes me a queen, if you ask me. A role and title I’ll gladly wear a crown for. There’s something about my littlest princess, my little toddler Zaynab, that has me rethinking everything it is to be a princess.

My little Z has quite a personality. Much stronger than her sisters’ were at her age. Not even two, she’s certainly made a place for herself in our home and our hearts. Here are a few of the qualities that make her so enchanting to me and so many others.

1. Adventurous

Adventure awaits! And Z is out to find it. Every outing, big and small, becomes a wonderful experience for the senses for her. She isn’t hesitant to explore her surroundings. She wants in on everything this world has to offer, and nothing is going to stop her!

2. Hilarious


This little gal of mine has quite a sense of humor. Clearly she takes after her Mama! She already has it in her to joke and will even pull off some slapstick comedy just to get a laugh out of us. It’s obvious which one of my children will be the class clown. Hope her teachers find her as enchanting as we do!

3. Generous

One of the most important traits I try to instill in my children is generosity. It melts my heart when I see her share with her sisters. It’s so touching to see such a young child offer something she loves to the ones around her. I hope that it is a trait that will grow with her.

4. Opinionated

Zaynab knows exactly what she likes and doesn’t like. She has absolutely no problem voicing her opinions and I couldn’t be any happier. Sometimes it’s frustrating when your child cries and you’re not sure what they want. Z will let me know if she doesn’t want to wear a certain shirt or prefers an apple instead of the banana I offered.

5. Independent

It’s official, Z has reached the “no, me!” stage. She wants to do things for herself. While I used to be able to get away with feeding her a few months back, not she insists on using her own spoon. While getting ready, she tries to get on as much of her clothes on her own. She’ll even walk off on her own to explore things beyond me. She no longer depends on me for that sense of security she craved as a little one. She has developed a sense of self and there’s no looking back.

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