5 Pool Games That Babies and Older Kids Can Play Together

When the summer sun is shining, it’s time to be out at the pool, but when you’ve got kids of different ages, it can be hard to keep them both happy.

Here are a few games that keep my kindergartener AND my infant happy together when we’re swimming:

1. Throw and Retrieve. Little ones love to throw things, which makes them the perfect person to toss diving sticks and pool rings that your older child can swim around and retrieve.


2. Marco Polo. This classic pool game actually works pretty well with a baby because you can swim around with your baby to tag your older child. Plus, if your older child is still fairly young and slow, carrying the baby gives you a handicap that makes the game more fair.

3. Racing. If your older kid is working on their swimming skills (whether beginning or advanced), practice is the best thing for them. You can race the baby while the older sibling swims on their own, with or without floaties.

4. Splashing. As long as the pool isn’t crowded, there’s basically nothing more fun than a splashing contest. Who can go biggest?!

5. Toy Genius. Your older child will probably get a kick out of filling up these little squirtee toys (am I the only one who finds that relaxing?) and letting the baby squeeze the water all over the pool.

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