5 Pictures That Help Me Focus on The Magical Moments

Motherhood is a lot of work. It’s tiring and rewarding at the same exact time. I currently have so much going on between my fourth pregnancy, homeschooling for the first year, blogging here and over at This Little Life of Mine, and every single daily mothering task in between. With three little ones, I’ve had a lot to deal with! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of the special moments. Zaynab has been an amazing blessing in helping me focus on these sweet and magical moments that I would miss out on if I let them slide. I’m so grateful for the simplicity of toddlerhood that helps me appreciate the truly wonderful moments of motherhood.

  • My Sunshine

    My Sunshine

    Since she was born, we’ve always sang “You Are My Sunshine” to little Z. Her sweet little face, her goofy antics, and those scrumptious cheeks have always been the source of sunshine during my days.

  • Future Big Sister

    Future Big Sister

    Z’s loving and nurturing personality has shined through while caring for her little doll. I know that she is going to make an excellent big sister.

  • Kitchen Helper

    Kitchen Helper

    With Z always at my side, she’s bound to learn a recipe or two in the kitchen. She loves pancakes and being in her diaper. I will miss these moments shared with her so I always try to just savor each helping hand moment.

  • Little Bookworm

    Little Bookworm

    Going to the library is always my escape. The girls each lose themselves in their favorite sections. I get to skim through my own library selections. But catching those adorable moments that completely capture childhood, take my breath away.

  • Toddler See, Toddler Do

    Toddler See, Toddler Do

    Z knows how to hold her own. She knows what it takes to make a place for herself and shine through in this house. I love how she adapts and stands strong. These character traits are going to carry her through life and make her soar.

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