5 of Our Favorite Family Fall Traditions

Fall is in the air! Summer is over, school is back in session, and some of us are already making travel plans for the holidays. It’s time to prepare for a new season.

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Maybe it’s the pumpkin lattes or going to the farm with the kids—I’m not too sure. But whatever it is, fall makes me smile from ear to ear, and that joy spreads throughout our home.

As I prepare to clean out closets and donate summer clothes that won’t fit next year, I am ready to shift into fall and enjoy some of our favorite family traditions.

Here are five things my family loves to do in the fall. What does your family enjoy?

1. Go to a park and play in the leaves. Kids love leaves. The fall is a great time to visit a park and just let them have some fun. You can do it in your front yard too, if you have leaves there. Either way, it makes for great pictures and a really fun (and free) fall afternoon.

2. Visit a local pumpkin farm. Fall just isn’t complete without pumpkin picking. Every year, since my son was born in 2010, we visit a local farm to pick pumpkins (and sometimes apples). Many farms usually offer other activities like hay rides, animal farms and playgrounds. It’s great fall fun for the entire family.

3. Put together a few activities focused on gratitude. I tried this last fall, and I have now declared that it’s a family tradition. Think of a few activities, like making thank-you cards for friends and family members or care packages for troops, and get the kids involved. This makes for a wonderful teachable moment, and the kids can really enjoy the process.

4. Make dishes with apples and pumpkins. I am not much of a cook, but when the fall season hits, something changes and I am ready to turn the oven on. We always think of fun recipes, from soups to muffins, and the kids will have fun helping. They also enjoy eating whatever we create (well, most of the time they do).

5. Prepare clothing and items for donation. We always donate lots of clothes and some of our kids’ toys every fall. Last year, I got my son involved with the process so he could understand why we were giving them away. This year, we are doing it again, and we will all go drop them off at a local shelter. Giving should be a tradition everyone takes a part of. Don’t you agree?

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