5 of Little L’s Most Fashionable Moments

When I learned that I was having a girl, my mind instantly raced to all of the cute baby clothes I’d get her. Sure, my son M had cute clothes, but let’s face it, clothing options for boys are limited. With girls, the possibilities are endless! Or at least, it seems that way.

However, the reality is that at 9 months, my girl has more outfit changes in a day than the Kardashians do! We start with one outfit, then caca happens. Or lunch happens. Or she decides to spit up her milk. You get it. Besides the endless amount of laundry, I have to get creative to mix and match looks and come up with quick alternatives at any given time.

Here are a few of my favorite spur of the moment outfits that Little L has worn recently. How many “outfit” changes does your baby have in one day?

  • Baby in red

    Baby in red

    I love red. It’s my favorite color and well…I’ve kind of passed it on to Little L. Here she is wearing a striped overall dress, red tights, and a red zip-up sweater.

  • A very special dress

    A very special dress

    This tan and white dress is super special. When we found out we were having a girl, my husband was in South Africa on business, and he bought her this dress. It was the FIRST gift she ever got!

  • What a hoot!

    What a hoot!

    Pastels were the order of the day for our pirate cruise on the Potomac River. Minnie Mouse crawlers, purple pants, and a turquoise owl hoodie. ADORABLE!

  • Bringing back the leg warmers!

    Bringing back the leg warmers!

    One of my favorite gifts yet! Here she is wearing Trumpette socks, polka dot leg warmers, pink leggings, and a cream knit cardigan. The leg warmers are great to use with leggings or pants that are a bit short, because the coverage allows you to use them a few more months!

  • It's a Disney thing

    It's a Disney thing

    It’s a Disney day! Here she is wearing her Minnie crawlers, Minnie legging-and-ruffle skirt combo, and Winnie the Pooh bib mixed with a polka dot hoodie.

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