5 Love Languages of Parents

Have you heard about the five love languages?

The basic idea is that people give and receive love in one of five ways (gifts, physical touch, kind words, quality time, and acts of service).

A few weeks ago, when our children woke us up at the crack of dawn and both of us were desperate for a little more sleep, I joked to to my husband that as a parent, my main love language has become sleep.

There’s almost nothing my husband (or someone else) can do that I appreciate more than give me the opportunity to get a little more sleep, whether it’s sleeping in while he gets up with the girls to get them breakfast or a little nap during the afternoon.

As we laughed about this, we came up with a few more:

  • #1: A Little Child-Free Time

    #1: A Little Child-Free Time

    I love my children and don’t like to be away from them for long periods of time. But a quick trip to the grocery store by myself or locking myself in my room on a weekend with a good book is like heaven.

  • #2: Snuggles

    #2: Snuggles

    Snuggling must be a preservation instinct. My child could burn the house down and if they wanted to snuggle afterward, I probably wouldn’t even care. I just can’t get enough of a snuggly baby.

  • #3: Dressing Up

    I’m pretty casual most of the time (hello, jeans and sandals), but when I get the chance to dress up without worrying about getting yogurt handprints on me, I’m pretty thrilled.

    Tutorial for this tulle skirt

  • #4: Getting Along

    #4: Getting Along

    Now that I have two children, I recognize that one of the things that makes me happiest in the world is when my children are playing happily together.

  • #5: And Sleep

    #5: And Sleep

    This is my number one. But you already knew that.

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