5 Great Things Mom Can Do For Herself Before Next Mother’s Day

Doesn’t it seem like moms wait until Mother’s Day to get their spa treatments and breakfast in bed, neglecting to receive those special experiences throughout the year? I think moms should be celebrated year-round. Why not, right? After all, we give our families our very best year-round. I bet if our babies could talk they would tell us to go get a pedicure more often. Do you know why? Because we are at our very best as mommy’s when we are well-rested and relaxed. That is the absolute truth and our kids know it — even if we don’t.

And it’s not just about relaxation. It’s about all the things mommy’s tend to put on hold because we don’t make ourselves a priority anymore once we have kids. We put the needs of our baby’s first (which we should), but in doing so we neglect ourselves a lot (which we shouldn’t).

I want all of you to join me these next 12 months. I want mommy’s everywhere to do more for themselves. Let’s not wait until the new year to set these goals. Let’s start today and see what a difference we can make in our own lives between now and next Mother’s Day.


Here are 5 things I think every mom should do for herself in the next year.

1)   Schedule regular massages. I know the spa can get pricey, but you can find great deals these days if you search online. I’m also sure your husband might be able to offer up a great foot massage. Those count too!

2)   Take a trip with your girlfriends. I can’t tell you how much I get from spending quality time with my girlfriends. Schedule a few times a year when you get together with your friends and just enjoy life. And as hard as it is, try not to spend the entire time with your friends talking about your kids. You can share those magical moments with them later.

3)   Have at least one date night every month. Dates are what make the world go round. Okay, maybe not, but they sure are fun and they give you a chance to connect with your significant other while feeling special. We all need that.

4)   Sleep in at least once a month. Sleeping in cannot be a once a year thing that only happens on Mother’s Day. It should happen at least once a month. Whether it’s your husband, another family member, or a babysitter—find someone who wants to see you happy by giving the kids breakfast and letting you sleep in at least 12 times a year.

5)   Do at least 3 things to pursue your passion. When we become moms, we can easily lose sight of the other things in life that really matter to us. Use the next 12 months to identify what you are passionate about and do at least three things to pursue those passions. You owe it to yourself.

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