5 Good Things About Having a Christmas Baby

My second child was born at the beginning of January, and I remember the sympathetic looks on peoples faces when they asked my due date.

“Oh..her birthday will be so close to Christmas. She’s getting gypped!”

“Ack! My friend’s son was born in December and I always felt sorry for him. It’s so unfair to have a birthday so close to Christmas as they never get to have a real birthday party.”

Yes, the festivities are close together, but there are many positives to having a Christmas or holiday baby.

1. Giving birth during the holidays is more festive. If you give birth during the Christmas season, the nurses, doctor or midwife will all be in the holiday spirit. Giving birth during this time helps to ring in the true spirit of Christmas.

2. Your spouse will already be home. There won’t be any need for your significant other to take extra time off, as the holidays bring a bit of vacation time for everyone.


3. Other people are already cooking. With family surrounding you, chances are you won’t have to cook much! Christmas dinners, lunches and big breakfasts await. As a postpartum mama, this is definitely a blessing!

4. The family is all together and everyone is visiting. Holiday time is family time. Cousins, relatives, parents, grandparents – everyone gets together during the holiday season. A new baby in the mix just adds even more joy and everyone is there to celebrate with you.

5. This gift trumps all. There is no gift greater than a child. This Christmas will bring you the best gift you will ever receive. ;)

As your child gets older, just remember to celebrate both occasions separately. Give your child a full-on birthday with separate presents as you would if their birthday was in June. If you can’t throw them a birthday party due to scheduling conflicts with their friends, take them somewhere special.

Most importantly–don’t combine gifts! You don’t have to purchase both Christmas and birthday gifts at the same time; in fact, many of my children’s gifts were purchased months ago. If your baby’s birthday falls on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, try implementing a different gifting solution. For example, you can space out the gifts over the entire month so they have a surprise to look forward to every week.

Now tell me, are you a Christmas baby? Or are you expecting one?

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