5 Fabulous (And Free!) Baby Development Apps

So I’m not the most tech-savvy person around town. 

Sure, I clip the occasional coupon online (and then forget I have it) and I am addicted to my phone’s email and I even throw up a picture on Instagram from time to time, but as far as falling in love with the latest app, gadget, and gizmo?

Not really happening. 

There has been one recent development in my willingness to use apps, however, and that’s been a fascination with baby development apps–I don’t know what it is, but the ability to have an app show me exactly what’s going on with my baby every week has been so much more fun. It helps give me something to look forward to every week and helps ease my mind that I am actually not going to be pregnant forever (contrary to popular belief). And probably the best part of all has been how much our baby app has helped the older girls to get so excited about this baby. Every Saturday, when the week rolls over and a new development shows up, they wake up and race to the phone to see “what’s new” with the baby and their excitement is contagious. I love seeing how they are so connected to their baby sister already, it makes it so special for all of us.

If you’re on the prowl for a great (and free!) baby development app, try your hand at one of the suggestions below. No technical skills necessary!

Image via Raelene Gutierrez/Flickr


1. McLaren Bay Region Family BirthPlace App. Now, I may be partial to this one, because I happened to write it (not the code, of course, but the text!), but it’s the app that we currently use. It shows weekly development and has the ability to store weight gain (if you would be so inclined…), kick counts, and doctor appointment information. It shows how big your baby is every week, brings up the exciting new weekly development, and tells you how many days are left in your pregnancy. You know, if you want a countdown like yours truly. Available for free on iTunes.

2. Embryo by National Library of Science. If you’re a very scientific person, you may enjoy the Embryo app–it’s very complete imagery and has tons of information about every building block of a baby’s development, including 2D and 3D imagery. This is a fun app, especially for the early developing days–you’ll be blown away by how much your baby grows in those first few days of life! Available for free on iTunes.

3. My Pregnancy Today. For you Android users, My Pregnancy Today is packed with everything a mother-to-be could need with daily updates and recommendations for health eating and activity. It has daily growth charts, videos, and connections to shopping recommendations and online support group of other mothers. Available for free on Google Play.

4. Baby Bump Pregnancy. This award-winning app features the fascinating daily and weekly development of your baby and is also conveniently tells you what symptoms you might start experiencing in each stage of the game. Why hello back pain and heartburn! Available for free on iTunes.

5. Sprout. This app looks so cool because of the pictures alone–it’s almost like a sneak peak right at your baby with a 4D ultrasound. It has the standard updates, advice from doctor’s, contraction and kick timers, and shopping guides, but I think it’s the visual imagery that really makes this app stand out from the rest. Available for free on iTunes.


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