5 Easy Ways to Recharge When Your Soon-to-Be Toddler Wears You Out

My daughter will be 20 months old next week and she is a ball of energy. Just thinking about how much she does in one day makes me tired. It’s amazing how quickly they grow, especially when they are trying to keep up with an older sibling. I watch her do so much at a much quicker speed than her brother did. Jada is definitely 4 years old in her mind. It’s hilarious.

But as much fun as I have watching her explore the world, while having a blast, I have to admit that keeping up with her is no easy feat. I am certainly not complaining because keeping up with our little ones is what we signed up for, but even with that, moms aren’t superhuman and we need to recharge from time to time.

Finding the time to recharge isn’t always easy because the to-do list never seems to end. But regardless of how hard it is to find the time, it really is a must. Without some time to rest, relax, and recharge, we end up rundown, burnt out, and cranky. None of that is good for us or for our babies. Here are a few easy ways to get some of your energy back when the soon-to-be toddler in your life has worn you out.


1. A hot bath after bedtime. After my kids go to bed, I typically take a shower and then start plugging away at items on my to-do list before hitting the sack. Lately, however, I’ve realized that take a long hot bath is a great way to decompress after a long day. I highly recommend it. Put your baby to bed, add a few bubbles to the tub, and light a candle. It helps.

2. A night out with friends. Whether it’s one friend or a bunch, a night out to just chat, enjoy good food, and relax is much deserved by all moms. Don’t let months pass before hanging out with your friends. Seeing them regularly definitely helps you recharge.

3. Shopping alone. We spend so much time shopping with our kids, and as much as I actually enjoy running errands with my kids, those trips can sometimes turn out to be a bit stressful. It doesn’t matter if you go shopping for a new outfit or simply go to the grocery store — just go alone. Once in a while, leave the kids behind and remember the joys of shopping without the tears.

4. Sleep in once a week. I am on a mission to get every mom to sleep in once a week. As much as I love the notion of sleeping in on Mother’s Day, it just can’t be the only time moms get a full eight hours of sleep. Have a conversation with your loved ones and see if your village is willing to help you out by letting you sleep in once a week.

5. Go on a date. Date nights are a great way to connect with your significant other and they also give you a chance to step away from the diapers for a few hours and have a bit of fun. No one loses when you go out on a date.

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