5 Disney Party Collections for Baby’s 1st Birthday

This month Lola turns one, which means I’ve got all things first birthday on my mind. While I am going to attempt to do a little DIY when it comes to the details, I love the simplicity that comes with purchasing a themed set for your little one’s birthday. Disney makes it easy by offering several adorable and fun themes.

While simplicity isn’t the only reason to go this route, knowing that you won’t be stressed while staying up late making banners or walking store aisles trying to coordinate cutlery and tablecloths might be a good reason in itself. And then, there’s a chance to let your little one celebrate alongside some of their favorites – characters that will continue to make them smile for years to come. As we get ready to celebrate the first birthdays of our babies and reflect on the magic of their first year, be prepared for a sweet dose of Disney magic designed with first birthdays in mind.

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