5 Disney Finds for Baby’s First Christmas

This year will be my baby’s second Christmas. In the midst of the excitement that seems to build each day as December 25th draws near are reflections on her very first Christmas. A season filled with love, constant picture taking, “Baby’s First” apparel, and an ornament that read “Baby’s 1st Christmas.” Despite me being even more excited about the holidays this year, there’s a part of me that still feels quite sentimental as I reflect on the first.

This year, I know of several babies who will be celebrating their first Christmas surrounded by loved ones. If they happen to be the children of Disney lovers, then it only seems right that Mickey and/or Minnie are involved in the spread of holiday cheer!

The Disney Store has a few items made especially for a baby’s first Christmas. And while they will all be special in different ways, there will never ever be a Christmas quite like baby’s first one.


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