5 Disney Baby Strollers to Suit Every Strolling Style

I have a confession to make. If I had room to store them, I’d probably have about eight strollers. I currently have two, and I would add a third if the aforementioned lack of storage weren’t an issue. Different strollers do different things, and I love having a stroller that works for whatever it is I’m doing. I like having a stroller that faces me so that I can talk to Elvie while we are walking, but those are often bigger, heavier, and not as compact to fold — so if we are going to be on public transit, I need to take something much smaller. I’d love to have a stroller that would be a happy medium with a bit more basket space, but I know that I need to stop with two. I chose the two that would meet the most needs the best. Since we are an urban, public transit family, our stroller needs differ quite a bit from those with different life circumstances. So I’ve pulled together a short list of Disney Baby strollers for various needs and situations. See which one (or two!) will work best for you.

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