5 Baby-Friendly Rides at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

My family and I visited Walt Disney World last month for the third time. We’ve been visiting every year for the past three years, so its been interesting to watch the kids react to and experience the park differently.

After talking to countless travelers and moms who have taken the trip with their own kids, the general consensus is that you should wait until your child is old enough to remember the parks, recommending that 7-9 is the perfect age range to do so. Unfortunately, when you have more than one child that isn’t quite feasible, and as a traveling family, I don’t believe in waiting for anything. Yes, your baby won’t remember the parks in their own memory, but you will be the one capturing those moments and making memories for yourself, your partner, and your own child. I have so many beautiful photos of my son at the park last year when he was just 16 months old and again this year at 20 months old.

The great thing about Walt Disney World Resort is that they have loads of rides that are suitable for all age ranges – yes even tots! Of course there are many rides in addition to the ones I’ve compiled here, but these five are our absolute favorites!

  • Baby Meets Walt Disney World - 5 Of Our Favourite Rides

    Baby Meets Walt Disney World - 5 Of Our Favourite Rides

    It really isn’t fair to list just 5 rides as Walt Disney World has SO many attractions and rides for kids and adults of all ages, but we have our favourites. Click through for 5 rides that are just perfect for babies and tots!

  • it's a small world

    it's a small world

    A classic. The creme de la creme. You can’t visit Disney World without taking a ride on “it’s a small world”. This gentle boat ride takes you on a trip around the world with little dolls greeting you with song and dance. Perhaps it’s the vision of the world’s cultures being brought together, or maybe its just the magic of the ride, but I can’t get through “it’s a small world” without shedding a tear or two.

  • Prince Charming Carrousel

    Prince Charming Carrousel

    My girls have been riding on this since they were wee little tots and it is still the first ride they run to as soon as we enter Magic Kingdom. I love that I can ride with all three kids, holding my son on one while watching the girls on the other two.

    The Prince Charming Carrousel is a ride fit for princes and princesses!

  • Under the Sea~Journey of the Little Mermaid

    Under the Sea~Journey of the Little Mermaid

    This is a brand new ride to the parks and one of the most exciting attractions at the New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. From start to finish, it is just charming. Prince Eric’s castle is stunning with waterfalls showering in and around the entrance and as you make your way to the clamshells (your own personal transportation through the ride) you are surrounded with decor inspired by “The Little Mermaid”. Look forward to a ride that is high energy, fun and not scary in the least!

  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    This ride is slow-moving making it ideal for babies. You climb aboard Pooh’s Hunny Pot and join your friends from the Hundred-Acre Wood on an adventure. We didn’t find this ride scary and neither did my son, however there are some aspects (such as the storm) that may be a little frightening to some babies.

  • Finding Nemo in Epcot

    Finding Nemo in Epcot

    This was by far one of my favorite rides and attractions. Give yourself lots and lots of time for this one as its way more than just a ride. After boarding a “clamobile” you are taken into the underwater world of Nemo and his friends who can’t seem to find Nemo. See if you can spot him ;). At the end of the ride, the characters swim with real fish! It’s amazing how they’ve integrated their aquarium into this ride. At the end you can enjoy Turtle Talk with Crush (hilarious), check out various displays, fish and underwater creatures.

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