5 Baby Items That Can Add Magic to Your Everyday

When it comes to baby gear, the choices are literally endless. It’s not hard to get lost in the variety. You may ask yourself: Is this something I need? Or is it “nice to have?”

Truth is, those little “nice to haves” will add a spark to your daily routine with Baby — and make tasks easier for you! With that in mind, we’ve rounded up five items that each have a little something “extra” to make you and Baby smile. Are you ready?

Click through and discover delightful baby items at Walmart that will transform your everyday — at everyday low prices!

  • A Double-Duty Booster Seat

    This booster seat does double duty as a mega-distractor for Baby. The adjustable Mickey Mouse hands are designed to hold a cup or the included roller ball, while the spring hand delivers jiggly, giggly action. Now you can get a few things done in the kitchen without worrying what Baby's getting into!

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  • Sippy Cups You Can Actually Clean

    Here's one to make Mom and Dad smile: A sippy cup with no extra parts! Simply screw off the tops and just put them in the dishwasher as is. Plus, Baby will get such a kick out of Nemo and Dory!

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  • A “Hold Everything” Diaper Tote

    And we do mean everything... both Baby's stuff and yours! Interior and exterior pockets in this tote set make it easy to store your regular must-haves, and includes important details, like a changing pad, an easy-access pacifier holder and a bottle holder.

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  • Self-Storing Blocks

    Your little one will love the shapes and colors of this set, not to mention Winnie the Pooh! And you will love that it comes inside its own storage box with sliding lid.

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  • Magical Character Bedding

    Crib bedding doesn't have to be simply soft and soothing. It can also surround baby with an entire world of wonder. Try a matching set of crib bedding featuring your favorite character.

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