5 Adventures We Hope to Have with Soren Before He Turns One

It’s a little hard to believe that Soren will be one in 6 short months. The vivid and sweet moments of his newborn stage seems like it was literally last week. He is growing into a little man right before my eyes and it’s heart-wrenching and amazing and everything all at once. :) One of the things my husband and I most looked forward to when we decided to start trying for a little one is all of the adventures we knew we could go on and experiencing the joy of childhood again with our little one(s).

So far Soren has been such a joyful baby, it will be so fun to take him on “Wallace Family Adventures” as we like to call it, throughout his childhood. Here are a couple adventures on our list that we hope to do before Soren turns one!


1. Atlanta Zoo – The Zoo is a great place to walk around, enjoy the family and visit the animals! It’s also a great place to teach Soren simple things about animals like their names and the sounds they make. We hope to visit the Zoo in the fall when it gets a little cooler.

2. Atlanta Aquarium – Similar to the Zoo but visually, I think the aquarium would be an incredible place to visit. All of the water, colors and lights are so beautiful. I think Soren would really love it. That and our local aquarium is just gorgeous!

3. Dress Up – Halloween is only 3 months away and I can hardly wait to dress Soren up in a fun costume and take him to Jon’s work to go “trick or treating”. We’ve been discussing all year what type of costume we should make for him and I think we’ve picked out something perfect! ;)

4. Hello Snow – It hardly snows in Georgia and when it does, it tends to temporarily shut down the city. Matter of fact, Soren was born the night of the “snow-pocalypse” here in Georgia. However, It would be awesome to have a slight snowfall this winter so Soren can experience snow for the first time, of course no icing over please! :)

5. Speaking of Winter-Time –  I would absolutely love to take Soren to see all of the lights during Christmastime. This will be his first Christmas and he will be 11 months this Christmas which makes me so excited to know he might be able to enjoy it some this year. Christmas has always been my very favorite holiday and I can’t wait to celebrate with a little one this year!

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