40 Baby Names I Loved (That My Husband Vetoed!)

Naming a baby is a tricky business. I absolutely love baby names, and when I was pregnant with our daughter I spent many hours scouring the internet for baby name inspiration. My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t tend to do a lot of brainstorming when it comes to names. He lets me come up with them, but reserves the right to veto picks he doesn’t like. When we were naming our daughter, Fern was literally the only name we both liked, so it was quickly determined that would be her name. Choosing a middle name was hard though, and we ended up choosing it while I was in labor! Now that I’m pregnant with Baby #2, I’m excited to begin the process again and have already been adding to my baby name favorites list. My husband is still as picky as ever though. Here’s a little list of some of the baby names he’s vetoed — hopefully they’ll provide a bit of inspiration to those of you still on the hunt!

  • 40 Baby Names My Husband Vetoed

    40 Baby Names My Husband Vetoed

    I came up with a lot of ideas, but my husband was way too practical for most of them. These are just some of the ones he vetoed in our journey for a baby name.

  • Evangeline


    I love this name. It was one I wanted to use as a middle name for our daughter. He didn’t like it because he said it reminded him of televangelist. I still think it’s lovely though and will always be one of my favorites.

  • Primrose


    This name has been increasing in popularity due to the fact that it is the name of Katniss Everdeen’s sister in “The Hunger Games”. I love it, but my husband thought it was a bit fussy.

  • Clover


    Clover was a bit too hippie for my husband’s liking. I suggested it for Baby number two if it happens to be girl, but he thought it might be too much to have two girls with plant names.

  • Maeve


    I find this Irish name to be quite lovely, but we both agreed, people would always spell and pronounce it incorrectly.

  • Dora


    My great grandmother was named Dora and my husband’s grandmother was named Dora, which I think makes it a sweet homage. Unfortunately it’s a little hard to get past the fact that there’s a little cartoon explorer out there with the same name.

  • Beatrice


    This name was vetoed for being “too old lady’ish”. Apparently he forgot that we have another daughter with a little old lady name already?

  • Flossye


    I didn’t throw this suggestion out as a super serious suggestion, but I do think it’s cute. It’s the name of someone in my dad’s family tree. This one got a straightforward “no.”

  • Ainsley


    This was one of my favorite names and my husband never liked it. Then I had a particularly challenging child in one of my preschool classes named Ainsley and I agreed, it must be vetoed.

  • Cleo


    My daughter Fern is named after her great grandmother, whose middle name was Cleophia. Apparently she wasn’t a fan of the name, but I think it’s cute when shortened to Cleo! Sadly my husband didn’t feel the same.

  • Brave


    I love virtue names, but my husband is hesitant about them. His first thought about Brave was, “But, what if she’s meek and timid?” Hmmm…I guess that’s a good point. Still a great name though.

  • Margeurite


    Margeurite means daisy in French which I love. A subtle plant name for Baby number two? The notion was a no-go.

  • Dryden


    I’m not sure where I heard this name, but I love the last name as a first name vibe that it has.

  • Penelope


    This is such a cute name and we could call her Penny for short! When my husband heard that he reminded me that we have friends with a cat named Penny. Nope.

  • Eloise


    This was another name I loved as a middle name for my daughter, but unfortunately my husband didn’t. I really hope someone I know uses it for a little girl, because it really is the sweetest.

  • Freya


    Such a pretty name that apparently reminded my husband of an unraveling sweater.

  • Hartley


    Our last name is Hartmann, so I quickly realized this would sound too matchy matchy.

  • Scout


    I’ve loved this name for ages, but about a year before I got pregnant with our daughter our friends got a dog and named her Scout which took it off the table.

  • Gatsby


    While he thought this was a cool name, he couldn’t see it on a child of ours.

  • Astley


    This was perhaps my suggestion to make up for the fact that my husband vetoed “Ainsley”. He didn’t go for this one either though.

  • Tierney


    This name looks so pretty spelled out, but when you say it, it sounds a bit (or a lot) like “tyranny”.

  • Brantley


    I can’t remember why this one was vetoed. I still think it’s a lovely unisex name.

  • Arizona


    My husband isn’t keen on naming children after places unless maybe those places have a super significant meaning to us. So while we did go to the Grand Canyon together once, it wasn’t enough to sell him on this name.

  • Jude


    This will always be one of my most favorite boy names, but my husband isn’t a big Beatles fan and this reminds him of the song “Hey Jude”.

  • Daisy


    You know by now how I love my plant names. The husband didn’t go for this one.

  • Minnie


    I realize that this was a necessary veto. I work for Disney and to name my child Minnie a’la Miss Mouse would be a bit much, but I really do love it. It’s a name in my dad’s family tree as well, which prompted it in the first place and I just think it’s super cute.

  • Stellan


    A unique variation of the name Stella. I really like this one, but the husband didn’t agree.

  • Ever


    I like this as a middle name. It’s short, sweet and strong. The husband wasn’t so sure.

  • Rue


    I like the name Rue because it is a plant, but my husband didn’t like it because it means “regret” which wasn’t an accurate sentiment for how he felt about our child.

  • Fairlight


    This one got the “too hippie dippy” veto. Sigh.

  • Radley


    I LOVE this name. Totally uncommon and a cool little boy’s name. My husband isn’t sure he wants a son named after Boo Radley (of “To Kill a Mockingbird”) though.

  • Truly


    Word names as baby names is one of my favorite naming trends. My husband doesn’t mind the trend, but just didn’t love this particular choice.

  • Grayling


    Grey is my favorite color, so I love the idea of incorporating it into a baby name. My husband on the other hand thinks grey is a bit sad sounding.

  • Brennan


    Not super unique, but a nice strong boy’s name. Just didn’t strike my man’s fancy though.

  • Halsey


    There’s a street called Halsey here in Portland, but Craig wasn’t a fan.

  • Benz


    I’m pretty sure my husband actually liked this name deep down, but wouldn’t want to name a child after a car, despite the fact that he actually is related to Karl Benz at some point in their family tree and used to be a Mercedes mechanic.

  • Paley


    I never had super strong ties to this name, but I did think it was cute and threw it out as an option. My husband was similarly unenthusiastic about it though.

  • Noah


    I have loved the name Noah for years. Unfortunately it is the name of a child who was a bully at my husband’s elementary school and he can’t shake the connotations.

  • Haven


    This name didn’t get a hard no, but I could tell he wasn’t terribly excited about it.

  • Hatley


    Another name that is a bit to matchy with our last name Hartmann. Oh well, one of these days we will come up with the perfect name for Baby number two! Until then, hopefully these names will provide inspiration to some of you still on the hunt!

If you need more naming inspiration, try BabyZone’s awesome baby name finder!

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